Jordi Francis is a musician who enjoys writing, composing, and performing his own original songs, as well as covers and remixes of tracks by his favourite artists.  His musical interests cover a wide range of genres, from Video Game and Electronic, to Celtic/World and New-Age, not to mention Classical and Folk music.

He can frequently be found playing his Celtic Harp and possesses a passion for singing. When writing lyrics, he often incorporates his own constructed language, aptly named ‘Etherean,’ which can be traced back to Jordi’s original artist name on such sites as YouTube and Newgrounds: ‘etherealwinds.’  You may recognise it from the popular VST library, Etherealwinds Harp, which was released by Versilian Studios in 2014, and was sampled from his very first harp.  He takes great satisfaction in the knowledge that many artists across the world enjoy using it in their own compositions.


As well as expanding on his own repertoire, Jordi frequently collaborates with other artists, and has been afforded the opportunity to work with many people, across many different fields. Whatever else the future may bring, he hopes that he can continue to meet, work with, and be inspired by more incredibly talented individuals.

Humble Beginnings

Jordi has been dedicated to music throughout most of his life.  He first started making music by age 6, when he realised that he could listen to video game tracks and play them on his electronic keyboard. From then on, he began to teach himself how to play the piano by picking the melodies and harmonies by ear and recreating them. To this day, Jordi enjoys improvising and composing freely in a similar way.

Growing up in Devon, England, Jordi naturally drew the attention of many a music teacher, and was heartily encouraged to train his singing voice at the age of 9.  By 13 he had started his first YouTube channel, where he would cover what he most enjoyed listening to ― a wealth of Japanese songs and Celtic music.  At 14, Jordi had officially begun taking piano lessons.

Jordi Francis: Online

On the web video-hosting site, YouTube, he has remained true to the etherealwinds channel that he created back in 2011, while also starting up the Forest Elves channel with fellow YouTuber, Merryberrymusic, within the same year.  He has also collaborated with popular machinima creator Nixxiom on his The Druid series of videos, that ultimately garnered a lot of interest.  Suffice to say, Jordi has worked on many collaborative projects with a variety of interesting and talented YouTube artists, including fellow musicians Karliene and Adriana Figueroa, for whom Jordi has the utmost respect.

Additional Information

  • Jordi graduated from Plymouth University with a degree in Law & Business in 2015.
  • He subsequently acquired his CELTA and briefly taught English before starting on his Masters in International Relations, for which he earned a £10,000 scholarship.
  • Jordi has been working and studying for over a year as a healthcare assistant at a residential home for the elderly, during which time in 2017 he earned postgraduate status.
  • He has also worked closely with Versilian Studios on the Etherealwinds Harp Library, which has been distributed as freeware for composer use. Due to its popularity, they collaborated again in 2017 to create Etherealwinds Harp and Voice II, with a freeware community edition available, as well as the full version with a grand total of 3200 samples that encompass a complete range of harp and vocal articulations.
  • Jordi specialises in ethnic vocal performances, and has a definitively Enya-esque style to his singing voice. He enjoys composing music for video games, often favouring Celtic and World styles.
  • At the age of 17, Jordi began playing the harp under the tutelage of Misuzu Matsumoto at the Devon Harp Centre. They have had the good fortune to perform together on a number of occasions.