Etherealwinds Harp and Voice II – Out Now!

► Etherealwinds Harp and Voice II available for purchase *here* for only $59!

► Etherealwinds Harp II: Community Edition is available for free *here*!

Back in 2013, I collaborated with Versilian Studios to create the Etherealwinds Harp, a freeware sample Celtic Harp library for composers, sampling my first harp. Following the success of this sample library, we decided to work together on the inception of the Etherealwinds Harp II. This sample library features my latest Celtic Harp, the 34 string Iona, and this time, also includes my voice.

The Etherealwinds Harp II includes a full range of articulations including standard and stopped plucks, pres de la table, muted plucks, glisses, and tons of extended techniques, all sampled chromatically at up to 4 round robins and 3 velocity layers in full 48/24 quality. The voice is sampled fully chromatically with two octaves of common syllables and 240 individual phrases! A grand total of 3,200 samples. This could quite possibly be the most complete lever harp library in existence.